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Welcome to our website We maintain a strong link with a range of institutes which have an agreement with the British Institute in the United Arab Emirates
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ABOUT Al-Tumooh Educational Consultancy

Company Background

 Al-Tumooh Educational Consultancy started its activity first in Southampton UK in 2009 and then moved to Abu-Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE), in the late 2011.

 Al-Tumooh provides educational consultancy services for students looking for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the different disciplines and specializations.

 Al-Tumooh provides educational consultancy services to students in the general and specialized English courses. This includes courses which prepare students for IELTS and TOEFL exams. This is particularly important for students who need an official proof of skills in English before they can get acceptance in their desired fields.

 Al-Tumooh is one of the latest consultation agencies in the United Arab Emirates. We are characterized by a wide range of communication channels and contacts with institutes of international reputation and recognition. That is, we deal with institutes which are well-known of their high-quality learning and teaching environments where their degrees and courses are recognized officially at international level.

 We maintain a strong link with a range of institutes which have an agreement with the British Institute in the United Arab Emirates. Al-Tumooh has signed a number of contracts and became a representative agent for a range of these institutes in Abu-Dhabi covering the Middle-East area.

 Al-Tumooh facilitates the procedure of getting admissions for students in our broad network of partner institutes. In addition, we interview our students and analyze their needs and profiles and provide them with constancy about suitable institutes to choose among.

 Al-Tumooh support does not stop by having the student enrolled to a course. We rather maintain the link with our students during their course of study and offer anytime consultancy to them to help them overcome the different obstacles they may have from procedural and administrative perspective. Our ultimate goal is to help our students to get the best student experience and achieve the maximum quality of their study-abroad journey.

 Al-Tumooh helps students to get an adequate housing as we believe that this support is essential when moving to a new country where students usually have little or no knowledge about. We advise our students about the prices and the areas to live in so that to ensure maximum efficiency in reaching the institute campus and also student comfort and safety.

Staff & Personnel

Al-Tumooh has recruited very well-qualified members of staff who can offer professional consultancy service. Our staff is highly focused and committed to give optimum results and utmost aid for students and academic centers with which the agency collaborates.

A distinguished feature of our members of staff is the multi-cultural experiences they have. Most of our member of staff have lived and worked in different countries, cultures and academic environments. We have given priority to recruiting this kind of staff knowing this this will support a better quality consultancy. Our staff is able to see the big picture of the educational process which incorporates different societal, cultural and psychological aspects especially when students go abroad and change their local living and educational environment.

We have consultants who reside abroad and who provide us with live and practical experiences and updates about the educational environment in the country in which they live in.  Their physical closeness to institutes will also facilitate visits in person when needed to assist students and also to conclude contracts and further agreements.

Our main office in the city of Abu-Dhabi holds the Body of Directors, executive staff, and students counseling personnel.

We have a specialist who provide free consultancy to students in face-to-face and also remote style, e.g., via Skype.

We have specialists in organizing and coordinating activities and exhibitions which enable our partner institutes to become more visible to people and organizations in the Gulf area and the Middle-East.

We also have a network of contacts and mailing lists to which we send new updates coming from our partner institutes.


Mariam AlRaeesi

Director – maryam@altumooh.com

Amna AlRaeesi

General Manager – amna@altumooh.com

Ayesha AlRaeesi

Deputy General Manager – info@altumooh.com


Administrative Officer – rosemarie@altumooh.com


Administrative Clerk – karen@altumooh.com

Angham Saeed

Counselor(England) – angham.saeed@altumooh.com


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